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Feedback the 360-way

by Marc on 18 September 2012 · 0 comments

360-degree feedback, all-round feedback, 360-degree appraisal or multi-rater feedback, call it what you will, simply put it is a way of collecting performance data anonymously and systematically, regarding an individual or group. As the name suggests the collected data is then fed back to the group or individual – in a constructive manner. Feedback is […]

What is Customer Service – really?

by Marc on 15 August 2012 · 0 comments

We only seem to take customer service into consideration when we have a problem and so many businesses are fairly poor at dealing with this situation. The way a business handles a complaint can earn huge ‘brownie’ points from customers or chase them away for good – they are doing business with you because they […]

How to engage your team

by Paul on 23 July 2012 · 0 comments

Remember your very first day at work? You were probably excited. You wanted to succeed.  Are you still excited about work today? If not, and that applies to most of us, what happened? Was the disengagement gradual, or the result of a specific event? If you subsequently became re-engaged, if the fire came back and […]

We thought we would share this review received from Lori Bentley, who took the Highlands Ability Battery: I do not fit into the box of “people who should take a psychometric test”. Those, in my opinion, were the managers, consultants, jargon-titled corporate people out there. The men and women in suits, swarming up the corporate […]

by Vandy on 25 October 2011 · 0 comments

Noel Gray from Knoeledge sent us this email and we thought it was worth sharing. There are so many opportunities to communicate with others. We rather like this one. “We have been doing the networking lunches for some time, so the idea of doing something a bit different appealed. Vandy and I had come across […]

I can however think of easier ways to gain a measured view of myself that doesn’t involve crushing 80 eggs with my head in a minute.

“You sound like a cat in a vacuum cleaner. Dreadful.”

There’s no doubt that it’s harder than ever to keep a business afloat in these lean times that we live in. However, a report like this should be a wake up call to any CEO or top level manager to head on back down to the floor and talk to the workforce. If there are any grumblings or ripples of dissent, and you can bet your bottom dollar there will be, hiding behind your desk and sticking your head in the sand like an ostrich isn’t going to keep your company out of that shocking 75% bracket.

Not all epidemics however, are life threatening or based on deadly airborne viruses. The term ‘epidemic’ can also be used to describe rapid, extensive development, without a festering lesion or hemorrhagic rash in sight. So, surely then in business, an epidemic could be a hugely positive thing. As a manager, wouldn’t you want to be part of an epidemic of employee motivation for example?

Delaying gratification is about doing something we know we should do, even if it’s not what we really want to do at that moment. We know that deep down, the benefits of getting whatever it is we need to do, out of the way, will benefit us in the long run and leave us with a clear conscience to pursue other opportunities.