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  • 360 feedback

    Get a full assessment of an employee’s performance from colleagues, customers and managers.

    Team 360

    Use this powerful tool to measure a team’s performance against a range of key criteria.

  • Employee surveys

    Take a step towards improving employee engagement with our fully-managed online survey service.

    Highland Battery

    Discover your staff’s strengths with this sophisticated series of psychometric assessments and workshops.

  • Engauge for Consultants


    Feedback the 360-way

    360-degree feedback, all-round feedback, 360-degree appraisal or multi-rater feedback, call it what you will, simply put it is a way of collecting performance data anonymously and systematically, regarding an individual or group. As the name suggests the collected data is then fed back to the group or individual – in a constructive manner. Feedback is […] More...

    Engauge for HR-Managers


    Got a tough decision to make?

    One of the main reasons that a decision seems to be tough is that emotion gets involved. We fear the consequences of making a wrong decision. This fear can paralyse us as we agonise over the choices. You can separate the emotion from the decision by thinking how you would feel about this choice in […] More...

“Engauge has been instrumental in helping me establish and develop my coaching and professional development consultancy. The service is highly professional, flexible and efficient as well being very helpful.

I have also found that their innovative approach has helped me further develop my business in areas that I previously had not even considered”

by Denise Nathan, Denise Nathan Consultancy